Wednesday, November 25, 2009

When We are Great People, We Know Great People...

A friend of mine from Austin explained that a group of her friends meet monthly for brunch. To keep the group dynamic and fresh, each person is strongly encouraged to bring someone they know. The idea is that if they are a good person then they know good people.

She said the group has turned into a fun, strong collection of amazing people and many new friendships have started.

That is what is happening for us at Nia. For those of you who have come in to class, you already know that we have an incredible group of interesting, kind women. So many of you have, in turn, brought friends and relatives to class and it is no surprise that they are also great to be around.

Our Saturday morning kick-off was no exception. We had the chance to meet your friends, neighbors, and later, even a sister. Thank you for sharing your friends with us and sharing Nia with them. You all are helping us foster a wonderful environment to exercise in!

Don't forget, as a modest way of saying thank you for helping us share Nia, we offer 15% off a 10 punch card for the Nia member who brings someone they know if that person decides to purchase a 10 punch card. The person you bring in also receives 15% off a 10 punch card.

Nia testimonial from a Castle Rock Nia member:
Myrnan of Castle Rock says:

"Nia Rocks!
I've been attending Nia for over a year and for me it rocks! I exercise 6 days a week and Nia is a key part of that routine. I enjoy Nia because it offers variety to my exercise options and is the most fun of anything I do. The low impact aerobics of the routines allow me to participate despite an arthritic knee. I also enjoy the variety of music. I'm hoping the Nia classes in Castle Rock are able to expand their schedules and offer even more classes. I think I'm hooked on Nia for life!"

Castle Rock Nia Fitness Studio
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