Friday, March 13, 2009

How Does Yoga & Nia Help a Golf Swing, a Backhand in Tennis, or even Picking Items up off the Floor?

No one can deny the thorough stretch yoga provides your body.

As you bend and hold a pose, and breathe deeply; you can feel an elongation of the muscles. Depending on the tightness of your body, you may even feel the soothing rush of stress leaving your body.

Nia, also a healing physical art, takes the best of yoga – the deep stretches, long slow breaths, and meditative mind states and then Nia builds on them.

In Nia (pronounced "knee-ah"), yoga is a foundation. It is a beginning, a way to open and awaken your body but a Nia teacher wants you to do more than elongate your muscles.
A Nia teacher wants you to experience a full range of motion – to be able to safely turn and hold your spine in side movements.
Nia strives to create stability in your body no matter how you move. Strength training (this time without the weights) as you move your body in an arc, can not only help your backhand in tennis but also your golf swing.

Our bodies need to experience a full range of motion, not just the elongation yoga provides.

The creators of Nia recognized this need so they added the influence of 19th century dancer, Isadora Duncan, and some circular movements from the Japanese martial art of aikido to the Nia moves.

The result is that your body is not only strong and limber in your central midline – along your spine – but it is also strong and stable when you reach off to the side to pick something up – whether it is your shoes or a grandchild.

The wonderful benefit of a fusion fitness routine like Nia, is that like fusion food, you can take the best elements of many things, combine them, and create something even more powerful and flavorful. Nia takes the best principles of yoga, adds Duncan dance, aikido, and several other disciplines, to create a unique, free-flowing fitness routine.

Now you can experience Nia and see if it makes your body feel good again. Your first class is free. Get your coupon for a FREE Nia class by CLICKING HERE. There are no obligations – just come, try it, and see if you have fun.

Castle Rock Nia Fitness Studio - Classes begin March 31, 2009

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Finally! Nia Classes Begin March 31st: Serving Castle Pines South, North, Castle Rock, and Larkspur

After establishing a strong-hold in recreation centers and yoga studios in Boulder, Denver, and Colorado Springs, Nia has finally arrived in Castle Rock.

Classes Begin March 31st

NIA - pronounced "knee-ah" is a fun mind/body exercise program set to uplifting music.

NIA is a low impact / high fun group exercise class.

NIA combines the stretching and stress relief found in yoga,
the power and focus of martial arts,
and the fun and freedom of dance.

Thousands of people use Nia classes to keep in shape all year long.
Visit for more details and for the schedule.

Nia – It's just too fun to call "fitness."

We share a 2,500 square foot facility with Castle Rock AIKIDO and are conveniently located just off I-25 and the downtown Castle Rock exit (Exit 182).

Would you like to try a class for free?
Do you have any questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us. Send us an email.

Or call at 303.522.4740

Nia classes in Castle Rock. Serving the south Denver metro area.